Be on guard!

Often times we feel entitled to give our opinions, saying it's freedom of speech. However it had a diff6tune wheb we're on the other side of the fence when we're given opinions on our lives, we call it attack. We never think of the consequences of our actions or opinions as long as it does [...]

The life I never thought I would live…

Don't all little children have big dreams about their lives? Yes they do. We all do. It's amazing how life events can either make or shutter those dreams. We can only pray, live and believe whatever we go through is God's plan for our life. How amazing would it be if we could only trust [...]

Welcome ❤ 🙏🏾

Thank you for choosing to join me in my little world while I discover myself through God is this mystery world. The posts are personal, meaning they're mistakes, lessons and growth, definitely no prefection. Just me stumbling, dusting myself up and trying again to discover my God-given purpose. "... Yet who knows — maybe it [...]